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Westwood is home to the illustrious UCLA campus, leading to this Los Angeles neighborhood's demographic trend toward younger, higher educated, and more diverse residents. With its close quarters of student apartments, high rise condos, and commercial centers, most of Westwood is considered a highly walkable, urban neighborhood that is heavy on rentals. However, looking farther to the east will grant a completely different experience, where stately homes in the Holmby Hills area comprise one-third of the “Platinum Triangle” alongside the prestigious Beverly Hills and Bel Air communities.

  • Population: 52,041
  • Land Area: 3.68 sq. miles
  • Primary Zip Code: 90024
  • Districts: Westwood Village, North Westwood Village, Holmby Hills
  • Bordered by Beverly Crest to the north; Beverly Hills to the east; Century City to the southeast; West Los Angeles to the south; Bel Air to the northwest
  • Median Home Price: $1,256,700

For single family homes, Westwood real estate expert Dan Heston advises prospective residents of to explore Holmby Hills. These properties east and southeast of the student-centered areas offer a variety of mid-century, Mediterranean and modern architectural styles with a bit more suburban feel. The Westwood area is served by some of the country's best educational options, including rigorous college prep schools, again making this neighborhood a great choice for families.

To keep the prestige alongside the city life experience, Wilshire Street is a popular choice for its high-end high-rise buildings. Here you can find plenty of young professionals who take full advantage of the walking distance to a diverse selection of restaurants and entertainment, many of which are open 24/7.

If you're considering Westwood for its more affordable yet still prestigious feel, you'll get the most bang for your buck working with the real estate team at Heston Group Realtors. With decades of experience in the Los Angeles market, Westwood realtor Dan Heston knows how to find a property that exceeds your expectations while using his expert knowledge of the market to negotiate the best deals.

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