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The epicenter of the many talents behind Hollywood's greatest productions, the Hollywood Hills neighborhood is the beloved home of many celebrities of film, TV, and music. Development in this prestigious neighborhood first began in the 1920s, just as the idolization of Hollywood began to take hold of the nation. Looking for somewhere close to work with the views and style worthy of a successful name, the coming decades brought opportunities for veritable mansions and, eventually, luxury condos all within a reasonable commute to the set.

While the range of property types has increased in recent decades, real estate agent Dan Heston knows from experience that this neighborhood requires exceptional timing and negotiation skills. More densely populated areas feature condominiums offering various amenities, each worthy of careful consideration. Other areas in Hollywood Hills are designed to be lower density; these neighborhoods offer fewer options and require tailored advice from the real estate experts at Heston Group Realtors.

Luckily, the prestige of Hollywood Hills has slowly expanded to include more of the surrounding area to the west, including the low-key neighborhoods of Benedict Canyon and Coldwater Canyon. These canyon-bordering areas provide the opportunity for stunning views of nature from secluded homes hidden among the fir trees and bougainvillea, while properties toward the east provide close access to commercial districts.

  • Population: about 21,588 (14,860 in Hollywood Hills West)
  • Area: about 7.05 square miles (4.87 miles in Hollywood Hills West)
  • Primary zip code: 90046
  • Districts: Hollywood Hills East & Hollywood Hills West
  • Bordered by Studio City, Burbank, and Universal city on the north and east; Hollywood on the south; Hollywood Hills West on the west
  • Median Home Price: $1,819,000

Hollywood Hills has one of the widest ranges of properties among luxury real estate in Los Angeles. Toward Hollywood Hills West, prospective homebuyers will a find hip, modern feel both in architecture and lifestyle, with condos circling the Sunset Strip with its nightlife, dining, and shopping amenities curated for the finest tastes. In Hollywood Hills East, you'll find more secluded homes that take advantage of the large, green lots while maintaining close proximity to the action.

The Hollywood Hills area is home to such culturally iconic destinations as the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park, the Hollywood Sign, and the Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Celebrities from all industries populate the homes and estates sprawling across the hillside. With its rich history in entertainment, it's no wonder everyone is vying for an experienced Hollywood Hills real estate team like Heston Group Realtors.

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